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 In Social Responsibility

In November, 2011, Izwe announced the establishment of its GHS1m Public Sector Tertiary Education Scholarship Fund to assist selected brilliant but needy children of public sector workers to pursue higher education in any public tertiary institution in Ghana.

The Scholarship Fund is intended to contribute to Ghana’s human resource development through the provision of financial support to these promising individuals. It is expected to develop the capacities of beneficiaries, to empower them to drive change and to contribute to Ghana’s socio-economic development. While many of the scholarship recipients are children of Izwe loan holders, this is not a pre-requisite and Izwe prefers to award on merit.

In July 2012, 10 beneficiaries received scholarships to pursue various full-time undergraduate degree programs in Ghana.

Given the enormous following by the nation of Ghana of soccer, Izwe has also focused on supporting local soccer development through a partnership with FC Nania, a local football development academy in Ghana, who are experts in developing confidence, leadership, discipline and teaching people essential skills, to succeed. This initiative garners tremendous support for Izwe, especially in the rural areas, as it is intended to empower ‘street boys’ from deprived areas by equipping them with the skills they need to make informed life choices and to contribute positively to society.

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