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“I am grateful to Izwe Loans for their financial help when I was in dying need.  I had a crisis which rendered me penniless.  My car broke down, I needed to pay my fees, and I also needed money for my upkeep. I fell on Izwe for financial assistance and they helped me with an instant loan.  With the loan from Izwe, I was able to repair my car, pay my fees and have enough money to run the house.”


“My fiancée and I decided to start our own business.  Izwe Loans made it possible by giving me an instant loan to start a business with my fiancée. The business is doing well and we are happy.  Our dream has been made a reality.  We really appreciate the financial assistance from Izwe Loans.”


“About a year ago, I made up my mind to start a building project because of the increasing cost of renting decent accommodation.  I met an agent from Izwe who encouraged me to take a bold step by buying a piece of land. Through the assistance of the Izwe agent, I was able to get a loan to purchase a piece of land.  I have started building the house.  I am planning to take another loan from Izwe to help complete the building.”

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