Secured personal loans – Get a loan against the value of your assets

More options. More power.

Own a car, landed property, or secure medium- to long-term investments at Izwe? You could qualify for a personal loan of up to GHS1,000 000, payable over 48 months. Izwe’s secured personal loans offer financial assistance against the value of your assets. It’s perfect for individuals who have assets but still need them to get things done.

You shouldn’t have to sell your car, property, or investments to cover life’s unexpected expenses. Make your resources work for you and have more control over your assets with Izwe’s secured personal loans.

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“What made me choose Izwe was the fact that I could continue driving my car when I took a loan against it. Their agents were also extremely efficient when evaluating my vehicle and provided me with a pay out in a few days. Thank you Izwe.”
– Raymond (37)

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The Secured Personal Loan with benefits

Get a loan against your assets and keep using them

Affordable monthly repayments, fixed interest rate

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