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How do I find a branch near me?

You will be able to find your nearest branch by using the Branch Locator tool.

Is Izwe Ghana Registered with Regulatory Bodies?

Izwe Ghana is registered and complies with the Central Bank of Ghana.

Why only government workers?

Izwe Ghana’s current focus is on government workers.

What is Izwe Ghana’s workforce?

Izwe Ghana employs over 100 staff and 600 independent sales agents.

How many branches does Izwe Ghana have?

Izwe Ghana operates 5 branches in Accra, Ho, Kumasi, Takoradi and Tamale.

Who are the people behind Izwe Ghana?

Izwe Ghana is owned by Izwe Africa Holdings and Abedi Pele Ayew.

How long has Izwe Ghana been in existence?

Izwe Ghana was incorporated in October 2010 and began trading in July 2011.

What does Izwe Ghana do?

Izwe Ghana is a finance house with its Head Office in Accra. Izwe Ghana offers payroll based loans to all government workers as well as Fixed Deposit Investment for both corporate and individuals.

Personal Loans
Can I roll-over my loan and get a larger amount?

Roll-overs are permitted. A new loan will be issued to the borrower but the portion of the new loan will be taken to settle the outstanding amount of the current loan and the balance paid out to the borrower.

Am I able to have more than one loan with Izwe Ghana?

Izwe Ghana only allows one loan per person.

Is Izwe Ghana registered with regulatory bodies?

Yes, Izwe Ghana is registered and complies with the Bank of Ghana.

How do I get my account statement?

You are welcome to visit any Izwe Ghana branch or contact us on +233 (0) 302 251 042 to enquire about the outstanding balance of your loan.

When do I have to make my repayment?

• The repayments are automatically deducted via government payroll offices.
• Even if you have a payroll deduction you must make sure that your instalments are paid in full and on time.

How do I make my repayment?

All repayments are made via a payroll deduction.

What does it mean for all my documents to be in order?

This means that not only do you need to ensure that you have sent through all the required documents, but you need to make sure that all your documents are clear and visible.

When will I get my money?

Once your loan has been approved, you will receive your money within 24 hours, this is subject to all your documents being in order.

How will I get my money?

The amount that you have been approved to borrow will be paid out by money transfer, credit or EFT. You select the most convenient pay-out method you wish to receive your cash loan.

What loan amounts and terms can I acquire from Izwe Ghana?

Izwe Ghana offers cash loans of up to GHS 10 000 with terms ranging between 3 and 60 months (5 years).

What credit checks does Izwe Ghana do when I want to take out a loan?

We will perform an electronic scorecard check, based on affordability and government payroll data.

How do I find a branch near me?

You will be able to find your nearest branch by using the Branch Locator tool.

How do I apply for a loan with Izwe Ghana?

There are 3 ways in which you can apply for a loan with Izwe Ghana:

1. At one of our branches.
2. Through one of our many Independent Sales Executives.
3. Through our helpful call centre agents. Call me back.

Do I need to be permanently employed to get a loan from Izwe Ghana?

Yes, you need to be a permanently employed civil servant.

What will I need to apply for a loan?

• Government employee number.
• A passport sized photo of yourself.
• Your most recent payslip.
• A valid national Identification.

Can I terminate my investment early?

Yes, however 90% interest accrued on the investment will be paid on early withdrawal, which means you will pay a 10% penalty on the interest you have earned. Your capital investment amount is always secure.

Are there any charges on my investment?

No, there are no charges on the investment.

What does Izwe Ghana use the money from the investments for?

Monies collected are given as loans to civil servants.

How do I start my investments?

Call us on one our call centre numbers, +233 (0) 302 230 288 / +233 (0) 302 230 227 and we’ll do it for you.

When my investments mature, how long before I get my money?

You will receive your money within 5 days after notice of termination.

How do you pay my investment and its interest when it is due?

It is paid by EFT into your bank account with the details you have provided.

How secured are the funds I have invested?

Not only is Izwe Ghana regulated by the Bank of Ghana, but it has a capital of GHS 18.4 Million and assets over GHS 100 Million.

What are your rates?

Rates on your investment are 22% p.a. and over depending on the volume and tenor.

What is iVest?

iVest is a high yielding investment from Izwe Ghana that offers you a maximum return on the amount invested.

Scholarship Fund
What happens after I submit my form?

All application forms will go through a selection process. You will be contacted via the contact details you provided on your application form, if your application is successful.

What type of ID should I use?

National ID, Voter’s ID, National Health ID, Driver’s license.

Must my parent(s)/guardian(s) be clients of Izwe Ghana to qualify?


Would monthly deductions take place on my parent(s)/guardian(s) salary to pay for the scholarship?


Why is a parent(s)/guardian(s) payslip required?

As proof that your parent(s)/guardian(s) is in public service.

Can I apply if I haven’t yet received my admission letter?

Yes, but an award of scholarship is subject to proof of admission into a tertiary programme in a public tertiary institution.

Will the scholarship cover the entire duration of my education?

Yes, the scholarship will cover the minimum period necessary to complete a beneficiary’s chosen course of study.

Can I apply, even if I completed school before 2012?

Yes, provided you did not complete before 2011 and you are not older than 22 years old.

Can children of private workers apply?

No, the scholarships are for children of parent(s)/guardian(s) in public service only.

Can continuing students apply?

Yes, but they must be in their 1st year of a tertiary programme.

Can I substitute my birth certificate with other certificates such as baptismal card?

No, only birth certificates will be accepted.

Who selects the scholarship recipients?

An independent scholarship board of qualified persons decides on a shortlist presented to it by an Independent Review Company and their decision is final.

Will the scholarship pay for my accommodation, food and transport?

No, the scholarship does NOT cover these, you must provide proof that you can sustain yourself during your studies.

What costs does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship covers tuition fees and prescribed course text books.

Is the scholarship for free?

Yes, it is completely free!

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