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Can I terminate my investment early?

Yes, however 90% interest accrued on the investment will be paid on early withdrawal, which means you will pay a 10% penalty on the interest you have earned. Your capital investment amount is always secure.

Are there any charges on my investment?

No, there are no charges on the investment.

What does Izwe Ghana use the money from the investments for?

Monies collected are given as loans to civil servants.

How do I start my investments?

Call us on one our call centre numbers, +233 (0) 302 230 288 / +233 (0) 302 230 227 and we’ll do it for you.

When my investments mature, how long before I get my money?

You will receive your money within 5 days after notice of termination.

How do you pay my investment and its interest when it is due?

It is paid by EFT into your bank account with the details you have provided.

How secured are the funds I have invested?

Not only is Izwe Ghana regulated by the Bank of Ghana, but it has a capital of GHS 18.4 Million and assets over GHS 100 Million.

What are your rates?

Rates on your investment are 22% p.a. and over depending on the volume and tenor.

What is iVest?

iVest is a high yielding investment from Izwe Ghana that offers you a maximum return on the amount invested.

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