IVEST – Terms and Conditions

  1. lzwe Savings and Loans PLC (“lzwe”) has two investment options available:
    • iVest Fixed Deposit: Investments made for a fixed term and interest rate
    • iCash: Deposit savings account at a prevailing interest rate
  2. lt is the responsibility of the Investor to ensure that changes to the information provided be received and confirmed by us in writing. lzwe will not be held liable in the event of incorrect payments.
  3. All communication will be sent to the details provided by the Investor and will be considered duly delivered and received at the time it is sent,
  4. This application must be completed and signed by the investor or duly authorized company representative.
  5. Individual investors must be older than 18years.
  6. In order to pay a nominated beneficiary on the event of death, lzwe requires all valid supporting documentation be received and accepted.
  7. lzwe reserves the right to cancel and repay any investment, including accrued interest, to the nominated bank account at any point.
  8. The investment will start on receipt of funds into the lzwe bank account and continue for the duration of the selected Investment term.
  9. Any applicable taxes will be withheld and paid to the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) where required.
  10. Within 7 days of maturity, lzwe will make all reasonable attempts to contact the Investor using the details provided regarding settlement. The funds remain held by lzwe for up to 60 days, after which it will be transferred to a cash savings account at the prevailing interest rate.
  11. On maturity:
    • All interest due will either be capitalized for reinvestment or paid out according to the Investors instructions;
    • In the event of a maturity falling on a non-business day, repayments will be on the following business day (net of any withholding tax if applicable);
    • Reinvestments will be priced at the prevailing interest rate on date of re-investment.
  12. Early withdrawal requests:
    • lzwe must be notified of any;
    • lzwe may take up to 10 working days to effect such requests; a fee of up to 20% will be applicable on accrued interest
    • A fee of up to 70% may be applicable on accrued interest;
    • The interest rate on the remaining balance following a partial withdrawal may be changed subject to the discretion of lzwe.


  1. lzwe will make all efforts to ensure that the details and furnished documentation of your investment/s with us will be kept confidential. Your privacy is a priority which we respect and maintain at all times.


  1. By signing this application and agreement the investor confirms that no funds invested are derived from any illegal sources or activities.
  2. lzwe takes no liability for:
    • Funds invested which are subsequently found to have been derived from illegal sources or activities;
    • Any incorrect payment made by lzwe using the nominated accounted details provided by the lnvestor;
    • Any deposits made that are not in accordance with this agreement;
    • Investment deposits made via EFT into a bank account other than the lzwe designated bank account stated on the application.
  3. lzwe is required to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) regulations at all times, therefore the investor agrees to furnish such information as necessary to meet these requirements.