Izwe introduces motor insurance for all car owners.

Now you can get extra protection on your Car4Cash loan – or just take car insurance to cover your business or personal vehicle.

Izwe’s motor insurance offering, underwritten by Serene Insurance, offers a choice of car insurance solutions for all car owners, whether it’s a business vehicle or your personal vehicle. It also provides valuable extra cover for a vehicle that you use as collateral for a Car4Cash loan from Izwe.

Our motor insurance solutions include:

You’ll also get a number of concrete and useful additional benefits along with your car insurance.

Choose the motor insurance that is best for you.

Whether you need comprehensive motor insurance, or just want to add some protection in specific areas, Izwe has an array of car insurance solutions:

Learn more about the additional benefits that you will get with your car insurance.

Third Party Insurance

This is minimum motor insurance cover that is prescribed by law. It indemnifies you or any other person driving with your agreement against:

Death or bodily injury to any third parties, and/or damage to property belonging to third parties. Damage to your vehicle is however not covered under this cover.

The minimum limit for third party property damage at present is GH¢2,000, However this can be increased at your request. Bodily injury is unlimited.

Third Party Fire & Theft Cover

This is an extension of the Third-Party Insurance, and provides indemnity for loss of or damage to your vehicle caused by fire or theft. It however does not cover other accidental damage to your vehicle caused by collision, overturning, etc.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Comprehensive motor insurance cover cushions you against all of the risks described above, in addition to accidental damage to your vehicle arising from:

Accidental collision or overturning

Fire, external explosion, self-ignition or lightning

Theft, burglary, housebreaking

Malicious acts

Floods, storms, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions or earthquakes

Even more benefits of Izwe’s motor insurance solutions

Get the peace of mind that if anything happens to your business or personal vehicle, you’ll be covered by Serene Motor Insurance from Izwe.

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